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NEO Plate
NEO Plate
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NEO Plate

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Effect of Addit Nature's products

Users of the products mostly report these effects:

  • Better hydration of the body
  • Faster recovery after treatment and training
  • Better absorption of minerals and vitamins
  • Higher well-being
  • More physical/mental energy

Influence of the materials

The steel and glass in all products have been influenced by a natural energy field created by structured water. The process results in products that can restructure the molecules of the liquid put into it so that you drink structured, energy-filled liquid.

NEOPlate is made of steel 316 and designed as a coaster with a diameter of 9 cm.

How to use NEOPlate

  • Place the liquid on the NEOPlate in a glass, cup or bottle.
  • Slowly rotate the liquid for approx. 20 seconds.
  • The liquid is thereby revitalized and ready to drink.