How long will my PowerPlate last ?

We are so sure that our PowerPlate keeps the effect, increases the quality and taste of your drinks forever. If, as expected, one day you should no longer experience it, you can send it back to us, and we will make it work again - and of course completely free of charge.

How long should my drink stay on my PowerPlate?

A few seconds is enough. To increase the effect, move the glass, cup or bottle around over the PowerPlate so that the molecules of the liquid are in motion.

Will my PowerPlate improve all kinds of liquids?

Our experience has shown us that the PowerPlate reduces the carbonation in drinks. So, because of that, we recommend only using non-carbonated drinks such as water, juice, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and olive oil. In addition, the PowerPlaten will have a positive effect on anything liquid that contains water.

Does my PowerPlate work on all glasses and cups?

Yes, your PowerPlate works with all kinds of containers. Whether it is paper, glass, porcelain or aluminium. For wine glasses and similar containers, we recommend that the PowerPlate be brought closer to the liquid in the glass itself. That way you get a faster and better effect.