DAFI energy+ 3 water filter cartridges
DAFI filterpatroner renser vandet i 5 Niveauer og tilfører energi
DAFI energy+ 3 water filter cartridges
DAFI energy+ 3 water filter cartridges

DAFI energy+ 3 water filter cartridges

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Increases the water's oxygen content, which improves your recovery and gives you more energy
Enjoy naturally energy-enriched water from DAFI's ENERGY+ water filter cartridges. Addit Nature has added natural energy to DAFI's water filter cartridges so you can enjoy clean filtered drinking water with increased energy.

DAFI ENERGI+ is naturally enriched with energy and thus improves the drinking experience as well as your general well-being by supplying more oxygen to the water, which increases energy levels and performance.

DAFI filter cartridges clean the water in 5 Levels:
Level 1.
Filters and removes particles
Level 2. Removes impurities such as grease and rust
Level 3. Filters certain heavy metals and helps trap compounds that cause scale deposits, resulting in softer water
Level 4. Activated carbon reduces the amount of chlorine and organic compounds and removes unpleasant odors
Level 5. The microporous structure ensures mechanical filtration and the highest water quality