Structured water

What is naturally structured water

Water can be structured or unstructured. Structured water is more energy-filled and supplies living creatures and plants with more energy.

Unstructured water, on the other hand, has less energy and is therefore energy-demanding when ingested. Humans consist of approx. 70% water (and is 99% water molecule).

It is therefore important that the water we consume is structured and more energy-filled. The drinking water we get today is unfortunately unstructured and therefore less energy-rich.

Water in natural surroundings

Water is by nature most often structured. In the free flow of water in nature, we can observe that the water forms vortex eddies in twists and turns. In streams, water moves in layers at different speeds. Precisely the free flow of the water, i.e. water in motion, in contact with air, in eddies and spirals, are absolutely central elements for the structural quality of the water.

By photographing water during freezing (Undertaken by Dr. Masaru Emoto), it can be shown what structure the water has under different conditions. Water from a stream in untouched nature, for example, has a high concentration of harmonic hexagonal (hexagonal) water molecules, i.e. structured water with a higher energy level. This natural water would be ideal as potable water, but it is not possible to access that water without energy loss.

Industrialization has an influence on the water's energy level

The drinking water we get today does not come from natural springs and streams. It is usually pumped up from the underground and then transported under pressure over large distances in straight pipes to us consumers. Along the way, the water uses part of its stored energy when it is exposed to the unharmonized and unnatural conditions, including chemistry, pressure, pipes and unnatural delivery routes.

The water has become so weak in energy that it cannot even maintain its natural structure, and is thus unable to act as an energy booster. So it is man's intervention in nature's and water's cycle that weakens the water's energy level. Popularly speaking, you can say that water can be drained of energy, just like us, when we are exposed to conditions that are completely against our nature.

Is the industrialized water so unhealthy?

Our drinking water is not unhealthy as such when we look at the content. It is usually clean and tastes good, but it is depleted of energy, which is due to the unnatural conditions to which the water is exposed.

Can you restore the high energy level in water?

Water has the ability to restore its natural structure if it is affected in the right way. This restores the natural structure, and the water becomes more energetic again. The energy potential that is in water is what AdditWater has refined and optimized.